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Escondido is a beautiful city that comes inside San Diego County, California. This city is located about 30 miles northeast side of Downtown San Diego and almost 38 miles from the Mexican Border. It’s one of the best little towns you may never heard about.

The 2010 census report claimed a population of Escondido to 143,911 people, and it increased to 151,000 in the last 2017 report. The population is rapidly increased in between these seven year so there are much more population expected in the future as well.

The city gets into a legal corporation in 1888, which means it’s one of the oldest cities in San Diego County. The two closest cities located near Escondido is San Diego and LA. The distance from Escondido to San Diego is 30 miles, and 103 miles for LA. So, you can easily take your flight to either San Diego or LA, and travel through an airport transportation service of Escondido.

Tourist Attractions in Escondido

San Pasqual Battlefield Historical Park: 

This historical park is located at the same place where the Soldiers fought in a battle between the U.S and California forces back in 1846. The area gives honor to those soldiers who have lost their life in the American-Mexican war. 

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San Diego Zoo Safari Park: 

On your first visit, you can experience the ambiance of this park located in the 6 miles east of downtown Escondido. There are around 300 species of animals available in this park to see. Half of the area is reserved to protect the species habitat.


What can you explore as a Tourist in Escondido?

California Center for the Arts, Escondido:

It’s created with a mindset to provide a place where people can gather to create and celebrate the performing and visual arts. The facilities available in this center includes a 400-seat theatre, 1500 seat concert hall, banquet facility, art studio, dance studio, and an art museum.

Mount Woodson Trail:

It’s one of the beautiful and long alpine hike places with a fantastic whole city view. It’s a good and lifetime experience for any new visitor to visit this place in Escondido. 


If you are a winery lover, then there are some of the fantastic vineyard and wineries located in the Escondido city to visit. You will have the most qualified wine and beautiful natural view of the vineyard for a quality time.


As you are already aware about the attractions and importance of this city, it might also make you feel internally to visit this place. 

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